Monday Fellowship

At BEC, we aim to provide a weekday service for those who may be unable to attend on Sundays. Perhaps you are a shift worker, or have family duties and responsibilities on a Sunday which mean you are not free and able to join others for public worship at the weekend. Perhaps sometimes you may be free on a Monday afternoon and could join us then.

Our group is known as Monday Fellowship, and we meet for an hour service every Monday in the Church at 2.30pm and this is followed by a cup of tea, biscuits and a time to reflect and chat. We give a genuine welcome and an opportunity for social connection and fellowship for those familiar or unfamiliar with church or those who may otherwise feel isolated.

We want to dismantle the mystique and artificial barrier created by the walls of the church and throw open the doors to welcome people just like you! We hope we might have the chance to meet you soon. If you require further information regarding our meeting, please telephone me on 01258 471042. (Sheila Curtis).