Let’s face it; living in Blandford sucks if you are a teenager. Nothing to do and it’s not easy to get anywhere interesting.

Focus exists to make Blandford bearable.

Focus is a group for anybody between the ages of 13 and 19 whose idea of a good night is more than hanging out at the skate park or wandering around town.

We meet every saturday and Sunday evening, although there are other one off activities too (such as trips to Thorpe Park or attending a festival).

Socialising on saturday

Saturday nights are meant to be fun and we can make that happen. Whether it is going bowling followed by McDonalds or hanging out at somebodies house playing the xbox while eating pizza, we make your saturday night a laugh.

No relying on parents for transport. Just turn up and we do the rest. As an added bonus the group is non-profit, so most activities are ridiculously cheap.

The meaning of life on sunday

Sunday Evenings are a bit different. This is when we ask questions about life the universe and everything. It’s the kind of evening designed to expand your mind, without the need for any illegal substances.

Yes, we are Christians and yes we do talk about God. However, don’t let that put you off. Saturday nights are purely social (no God bothering allowed) and on Sunday night we encourage people with all view points to participate.

If you fancy trying a Saturday night (you can just come the once, we won’t hassle you to attend again) then drop Andy or Carole an email. They are what passes as leaders of the group.