MARCH 26TH: 14:30

Monday Fellowship are hosting 'A Taste of Passover'.

Everyone is welcome to come and experience a little bit of Passover for themselves.  There will be some traditional food served along with an explanation of what Passover means for us.

MARCH 29TH: 19:30

On Maundy Thursday we will have an opportunity to think on 'The Last Supper' that Jesus had with his Disciples.

This will be a short reflective time where we can share communion together.

MARCH 30TH: 10:00

Together with the other churches in Blandford we are going to 'Journey to the Cross'.

Starting at BEC with a time of worship, prayer and reflection we will think upon the journey that Jesus made over 2000 years ago.

We will then go to each church for a short reflection:

BEC - Catholic Church

Catholic Church - URC

URC - Methodist Church

Methodist Church - Parish Church

We aim to finish by 12:00

APRIL 1ST: 06:30/10:00

Today we celebrate the fact that Jesus has RISEN!

We will start up on The Milldown (see map) at 06:30!  Joining with the other churches we will have a short service to welcome in the day and give thanks that death has been defeated for us!

Then at 10:00 we will be back at BEC for a big celebration.  This year it's extra special because we have a baptism planned.