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Under estimating Jesus

Who Is This Man PB

I think I have been under estimating Jesus for a long time. Not Jesus the son of God, but Jesus the man, the historical person.

The problem is that I have only lived in a post-Jesus world. I didn't live before Jesus walked the earth and so I only know the world as it is today. Its therefore hard for me to see just how big an impact Jesus has had on the world in which we live.

That is where John Ortberg's excellent book "Who is this man?" comes in. It paints a picture of a very different world in the time before Jesus. A world that would seem shocking by modern standards. He then goes on to show just how much the teachings of this man has changed things.

And the changes are profound. Jesus has shaped the worlds attitudes towards...

  • Gender
  • Marriage
  • Education
  • Science
  • Government
  • Money
  • Heathcare

Without Jesus we would not have the same kind of hospitals we have today, offer universal education or see such a strong scientific community. Heck, we wouldn't even tell time in the same way.

All of this from a man who died disgraced, defeated and with very few followers remaining. It was not the kind of start you would expect for the revolution it turned out to be.

Whether you believe Jesus was more than a man or not, Who is this man will challenge your preconceptions of the person of Jesus. You may not come away believing he is God, but you certainly won't be able to ignore him.

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