Sunday Talks

Pursuing God's Purposes

On Sunday we asked whether we were spending our lives chasing after 'small fish' or whether we had set our sights on catching the 'big ones'. Are we living with a Grander Vision of life or have we settled for a lesser one?

Here's a poem, written by one of our own, which expresses in a wonderful way the desire to lay everything down at God's feet and courageously pursue his ultimate calling. Is this the cry of your heart too?

Though life can be tough I continue the race

Trying endlessly hard to keep up with the pace

The strength to continue I draw from above

From an unquestioned grace and all-powerful love


Though frustrated and prideful I bow at His throne

In attempting to live for His glory alone

Learning now to let go of the things I desire

In pursuit of a purpose immeasurably higher



Whatever the future may ask me to bear

I submit once again to his masterful care

In the hope that my journey His plan will achieve

In His wisdom I trust, in His promise believe