Sunday Talks

Talk: Prayer – A cry of the heart (Brook MacCallum)

Why is that when we are thrown into a threatening, frightening or out-of-control situation, many instinctively cry out to God for help? A survey carried out by Tearfund in 2007 found that even within the sector of society that claim to have no religious beliefs, 12 per cent of them said that they prayed sometimes! We look at a few of the examples that litter the Bible, of the many people who cry out to God in a crisis. In doing so, we are able to grasp just how long-suffering the Lord is and how he graciously brings us to a place of peace, restoration and acceptance, if we are open to him. We can at times experience distress, depression or disaster but we all have to confront death. Prayer is at its simplest, the cry of our hearts in these times. We can discover that God is there with us and carries us through.