Sunday Talks

God is changing lives

Last week, we posted an article about the Hebridean Revival (1949-53). Yesterday in our service, we gave opportunity for people to read about the Welsh Revival (1904-5), an incredible move of God in an American High School (2000), and the story of a Muslim man who came to faith in Christ.

God is in the business of changing lives. He's done it throughout history and he's doing it today. Read below about what is going on right now at Causeway Coast Vineyard in Northern Ireland. Can we dare to believe he would want to do the same in Blandford and the surrounding towns and villages of North Dorset? Are we praying that he would? And are we doing all he calls us to do, stepping out in the power of his Spirit to share our faith boldly, pray for the sick, and show compassion to people in need?

Stephen's Story

'Since February, we have seen nearly 1200 come to faith on the streets. That number represents 1200 stories of transformation and here is how that transformation happened in Stephen's life...

"I wouldn't say I was a bad person before coming to faith. I didn't drink much, do drugs or go out of my way to harm others. However I would have been easily agitated and had a quick temper especially with those close to me. I would say I was very materialistic. I always had to have the best of everything regardless of cost in money or thought for others. If I wanted something I got it. I pretty much had all my wages spent before they were in the bank but even with that I still felt some sort of discontent with life.

In May, I was with my fiancée who was shopping in Coleraine and whilst she was in a store I bumped into one of the CCV Team out on the streets. I thought it was someone doing a survey however the guy shared with me about God in a way I had never heard before. I saw a different view on what following Jesus was all about and the decision was a no brainer!

As soon as I had finished praying, I broke into tears in front of this complete stranger (they were tears of joy) and my whole body felt extremely light, literally as if a weighted bag had been taken off my back. I went and met my fiancée and she saw me crying. I told her what had happened and I told her that if I can help even one more person experience what I just had then I'd be happy.

Since that day, all my discontent has gone. I'm the happiest I've ever been. Everyone who knows me sees the change in me. My work colleagues have said I am a lot more relaxed and never looked stressed as I have done in the past.

In my spare time, I go to Coleraine and go on the streets with the team to lead others into life and give others the invitation to discover what I have. I love doing it and I have already seen people make that first step in the journey of following him. It makes me feel alive.

Not only am I doing this out on the streets with strangers but I am doing it with family and friends. Last week, I prayed for 4 different people I know who all have back trouble and problems with their legs. All of them experienced healing or improvement! Yes, it was scary to step out and offer prayer but I know he is there when you take that step for him".

'Stephen's Story', posted 12.08.14