Sunday Talks

Doing What God Has Called You To

Is God as interested in what happens to me on Monday as he is in what happens to me on Sunday? We are in danger of compartmentalizing our lives into what is spiritual and what is secular and keeping them separate. But our relationship with God through Jesus is a dynamic one, which must shape and inform the way we live every day of the week. 

Every Christian has a commission and that is to ‘make disciples’ or followers of Jesus. (Mt.28:18-20) Each one is uniquely gifted and positioned to fulfill this and this is our specific ‘calling’. In 1 Samuel chapters 9 & 10, we see Saul fearful of what God was calling him to. There are lessons here to help us as we explore our own, individual calling. It is a relief to know that we are not left to work out and do this, on our own. The Lord, through his Holy Spirit is actively leading and guiding us if only we will seek him. He will give us all we need to accomplish his purposes.