Sunday Talks

Baptism is just weird, right?

Two Sundays ago we had a baptismal service at BEC and I wanted to share a video of the event. It was a great morning and I always enjoy the atmosphere at baptismal services. It’s such a celebration and everybody is always so encouraged and excited.

I guess from the outside baptism must look like a strange thing. A grown adult goes into a mini swimming pool in the middle of the church and gets dunked! However, in reality it is actually very cool.

Being baptised is a symbol. A way of saying to the world that you have discovered something amazing, that you have discovered God is real and he is interested in our lives. It’s about telling the world not only what you have learnt but that this knowledge is something you wish to build your life upon. It says to friends and family that you have come to know this incredible person called Jesus and that you are choosing to commit your life to following him.

Of course none of this explains why we feel the need to dunk somebody in a swimming pool fully clothed. This symbolises the heart of the Christian faith, one of the most important things we believe as Christians. Going under the water represents Jesus dying and being buried. Coming out of the water represents the fact that we believe that Jesus returned to life. However, more than that it also represents the fact that God gives us a new beginning, a new life, a new start. A chance to wash away the mistakes of the past. It’s all very exciting and its always vaguely amusing to see people get dunked in Church (or is that just me)!