Sunday Talks


Making a difference

Thank you so much for your continued support; today we heard from a young man who had just had a heart operation and had been away from work for a while due to his illness. Having been in hospital for a number of weeks he came home to no food in the cupboard and was not due to receive any money from work until the week following his return to work. He rang in wondering if we could help him through this crisis. This afternoon he will pop down to pick up a box made up from the wonderful items that have been so generously donated. We never know when a crisis can hit, but it must be an enormous relief to know that at least someone can help and that someone is the Foodbank.

Our plea for this week:

  • Small jars of coffee
  • Small packets of sugar
  • Tinned fruit
  • Tinned vegetables especially green veg
  • Pasta sauces

We are fast approaching Easter, if anyone would like to donate some small Easter eggs that we can put into the food parcels to show our care and love, this would be lovely.

God bless and our thanks.
Gail Del-Pinto
Blandford Foodbank Manager

Jenny Good running for charity

On the 12th April Jenny Good is running a Marathon on Exmoor to raise money for the Trauma Recovery Centre (the TRC), which works helping traumatised children and trafficked adults & children in the UK. This is set up & run by Freedom Church Bath (which is David’s Church) and they are doing a fantastic work in counselling and educating kids(and a few young adults) who are so damaged they don’t fit in anywhere else. Jenny’s’ heart was touched by what they are doing when she visited David and decided to try and raise some money for them. They are only a small church and have committed a huge amount of money and energy to running this Centre.

So, being a runner she decided to enter the Exmoor marathon.

This is a really demanding marathon classed as extreme as it goes up and down the Exmoor hills (why she couldn’t find a nice flat , road marathon I don’t know!) so she deserves a big fundraise. If you’d like to help her and the kids TRC help, follow the links or get in touch with Phil and Sylvie.